Why we've raised $18.5M and how it will enable manufacturers to deal with complex & volatile supply chains

Pelico just raised a Series A round and this is great news for factory teams.

Manufacturing today has never been more complex.

On top of day to day challenges, teams have to deal with a supply chain crisis and an extremely volatile environment.

Everyday, factory teams show up at work, ready to execute their plans only to discover that new bottlenecks have appeared: late deliveries from suppliers, customer needs that need to be adjusted or internal production delays that have cascading effects. This jeopardizes revenue - as sales were delayed - , and eats margins - as last minute solutions are always costly.

Traditional tools and processes have reached their limits. We believe it’s time to empower factory teams to take back control of their operations.

This is why we have decided to found Pelico in 2019.

We are on a mission to empower factory teams to manage daily volatility and deliver products on time, at cost.

Over the past 3 years, we assembled a team of seasoned engineers and data scientists coming from both the manufacturing and Tech worlds.

We developed a factory operations management system to empower teams to:

  • Continuously anticipate bottlenecks,
  • Get personnalized recommended actions to mitigate issues,
  • Simulate alternative production scenarios to take decisions faster and streamline cross functional collaboration.

Since we started, multiple leading manufacturers in France, Germany & Switzerland and in various industries (Aerospace & Defense, Luxury…) adopted Pelico to tackle their operational challenges. For example, Pelico helped Collins Aerospace reduce logistical cycle times while increasing team productivty by 30%. Pelico also helped Safran reduce parts shortages by 72% in 6 weeks.

We are now extremely happy to share that we have just closed a $18.5 M series A round.

With this funding round we are entering a new phase of our development. Funds will be used to:

  • Strengthen our international presence to support its customers with a global footprint,
  • Sustain our technology investments to make Pelico even more intelligent and capable of solving more use cases for factory teams,
  • Accelerate our commercial development.

This is only the beginning and we're commited to make Pelico the operations management system of the modern factory.

Tarik Benabdallah, CEO
Gülşah Keleş
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Pelico's factory operations management platform empowers factory teams with the agility and resilience to quickly respond to any supply chain disruptions by having streamlined data-based collaboration.
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