About Pelico

Pelico's factory operations management platform gives factory teams the agility and resilience to quickly respond to any supply chain disruptions, and act fast to mitigate their impact. By providing a single source of truth, Pelico empowers operational teams to anticipate bottlenecks, prioritize corrective actions, speed up cross-functional collaboration, and simulate alternative production and repair scenarios


Our Mission

Pelico's mission is to make our factories hyperagile and competitive. We help manufacturers to adapt to our current production context: a society that consumes differently, demanding products that are locally made, custom & complex, competitively priced, and respectful of people & environment.

To empower factories to solve this impossible equation Pelico
helps teams on the ground deal with any disruption thanks to its twofold expertise: manufacturing and tech.

Industries Pelico Helps

Aerospace & Defense
Industrial Equipments
Medical Devices

Key Facts about Pelico

3 countries
300% annual growth

Our Story

The journey started with Tarik, on a mission at a leading aerospace manufacturer to increase production capacity with iso resources. He would watch the teams put out the fires that prevented them from executing the master plan and realized that every day they were asking themselves the same questions, without ever finding the right answer easily.

Digital transformation had never been applied to solve daily operational disruptions in plants: A matter of collecting data, connecting pipelines, developing data science applications, and closely observing user needs to deliver game-changing solutions.

This is where Pelico jumps in and helps. Pelico was founded by a team of engineers coming from both manufacturing operations, software and applied maths research world, and aiming to democratize AI & data technologies for all industrial players.


Meet our Extraordinary Pelicans

Pelicans are industry and tech experts excelling in their fields. Talented and passionate, they strive daily to empower factory teams with Pelico, the factory operations management platform they know and love. Get to know the Pelicans and discover how each of them contributes to our customers' successes.

Meet Xindi, Product Designer
Product Designer
Meet François, Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Meet Louis, Account Executive
Account Executive
Meet Mamoun, Co-founder and CPO
Meet Jessy, HR lead
HR Lead

Ready to become a Pelican?

Pelico's factory operations management platform empowers factory teams with the agility and resilience to quickly respond to any supply chain disruptions by having streamlined data-based collaboration.
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