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About Pelico

Supply chain and manufacturing have become more complex than ever, with volatile demand, fragmented supply chains and increasingly complex products. Operational context changes faster than the teams’ ability to plan. This leads to constant firefighting and supply chain disruptions that are jeopardizing timely deliveries and sales as well as causing nasty cost overruns.

Pelico is a smart digital companion that empowers operational teams to achieve predictable outputs by anticipating production blockers and acting fast to resolve them.

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Life at Pelico

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We empower each Pelican to
grow in their position, but
we have fun!

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“Pelico was founded by a team of engineers coming from both manufacturing operations, software and applied maths research world. After having conducted large scale transformations for industrial companies, we decided to democratize access to cutting-edge AI & data technologies for all industrial players.”
Tarik Benabdallah - CEO & Founder

Our values.

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Founder head shot CEO Tarik
Tarik Benabdallah
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Founder head shot COO Mamoun
Mamoun Alaoui
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Founder headshot CTO Jonathan
Jonathan Hickson
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Hear it from the inside.

"I love working in a environment where my ideas are received in an open minded way and challenged at the same time by very assertive colleagues. It makes me always think further and it allows me to grow as an individual."

Candice E.

Founder's Associate

"I joined Pelico for 3 main reasons. The first one, I believe in the project and in my colleages. The second one, for the industrial challenges that we are solving. Finally because we are leading a complex algorithm at Pelico."

Cedric G.

AI lead

"What I love the most about working at Pelico is the multiculturality and diversity of the team, it is a very nourishing experience working with them!"

Valeria G.

Marketing intern

“We are revolutionizing how people work by digitizing industrial operations processes! For me, the most rewarding things about my job are helping our clients (from the operational users to the plant director) on a daily basis and working with talented people.”

Antoine O.

Customer Support Manager

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Pelico’s operations management system empowers factory teams with the agility required to manage production blockers and deliver products on time, at cost.
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