Don't let supply chain disruptions slow you down

Pelico's operations management platform gives factory teams the agility and resilience to quickly respond to any supply chain disruptions, and act fast to mitigate their impact.

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Learn how an aerospace plant generated 3.7M€ of yearly savings with Pelico


Empower your team to achieve operational performance, without the stress.

Anticipate production blockers & increase planning adherence

Today, operational context changes faster than teams’ ability to analyze it.

This leads to constant firefighting and blind spots that cause unnecessary disruptions that jeopardize timely deliveries, sales and cause nasty cost overruns.

Pelico continuously monitors bottlenecks (missing parts, capacity shortage...) and empowers teams to act fast with recommended actions (parts reallocation, re-scheduling..), instant alternative scenario simulation & streamlined collaboration.

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Ensure on-time deliveries & increase customer satisfaction

In a context of increased volatility, it is critical to ensure at all times that demand will be met on-time, with no last minute surprises, with no manual analysis.

Pelico empowers Customer Support teams to effortlessly anticipate their projected performance (Sales, on-time-delivery...) and synchronize production with customer needs at granular level.

Real-time monitoring of orders status, enables teams to provide fast and reliable answers  and feasibility of alternative plans to customers and business stakeholders

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Reduce turnaround time & improve customer satisfaction with stress free repair cycles

Achieving stress free repair cycle requires constant synchronization and cross visibility at granular level between customer support, production & supply chain teams.

Pelico continuously monitors and provides visibility on key parameters for each repair (including lead-times, material coverage, commercial status...), suggests ideal dates and optimal part allocation (incl. flight potential...) and streamlines collaboration between all parties to achieve minimal turnaround time.

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Don't let supply chain disruptions
slow you down

Anticipate earlier your bottlenecks, gain agility in your daily routines

The old Way
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Constant firefighting. High energy trying to figure out the puzzle of all constraints and variables  with spreadsheets and meetings
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Operational context changing faster than teams’ ability to analyze it
red circle with X
Last minute escalations on disruptions and delivery risks
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Inability to respond well with last minute solutions
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Tight team management to keep operations under control
The new Way
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Instant visibility on projected performance & priority issues to tackle
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Continuous monitoring of bottlenecks and transparency on operational context
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Real-time AI-assisted recommendations
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Simulate alternative plans and know their impact
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Cross teams functional collaboration

Next generation Factory Operations Management System

feature icon 1 (A single source of truth for operational data)

A single source of truth for operational data

feature 2 icon (Continuous monitoring of material shortages & capacity issues)

Continuous monitoring of material shortages
& capacity issues

Feature 3 icon (AI-assisted recommendations to improve performance)

AI-assisted recommendations to improve performance

feature 4 icon (Instant simulation of alternative plans)

Instant simulation of alternative plans

feature 5 icon (Real-time cross functional collaboration)

Real-time cross functional collaboration

Why use Pelico ?

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A single unified platform to align all factory operations teams

Value icon (playfulness)

High user adoption

Value Icon (Outcome orientation)

Easy to deploy
Time to value below 12 weeks

What our Customers Say

"In our MRO shop, Pelico helped us go from 2,000 outstanding work orders to 1,600 work orders through better anticipation of bottlenecks and WIP management."

Hakim B.

Supply Chain Manager - Collins Aerospace

"Pelico allowed our teams to focus on their real value add. It also significantly improved our data quality. "

Matthieu G.

VP Customer Support & Services - Safran

“ Thanks to Pelico, we reduced our parts shortages by 72% in 4 months. ”

Sammy Y.

Supply Chain Manager - Safran

“ Pelico is the cornerstone of the digital transformation of our operations.”

Pauline C.

SIOP & Material Manager - Collins Aerospace

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Pelico’s operations management system empowers factory teams with the agility required to manage production blockers and deliver products on time, at cost.
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