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Increasing volatility, driven by constantly changing social, geopolitical, and economic events has created a quickly changing landscape. This results in unexpected supply chain disruptions in factories, such as supplier failures, late deliveries, material shortages, machine breakdown, and many others.
These disruptions happen in factories every 16 minutes, and require manufacturers to quickly pivot their factory operations. Given that a factory is made up of hundreds of interconnected variables, when one change occurs it affects all the others, therefore adding even more complexity to the factory operations.
Pelico's operations management platform gives factory teams the agility and resilience to quickly respond to any supply chain disruptions, and act fast to mitigate their impact. Teams get access to a single source of truth to anticipate bottlenecks, prioritize corrective actions, speed up cross-functional collaboration, and simulate alternative production and repair scenarios.

About our Pelicans

Pelicans are remarkable people recognized for their manufacturing and tech expertise. Equally talented and passionate, they strive daily to empower factory teams with the operation management platform they know and love.

Pelicans are gathered for the 3rd anniversary offsite of the company
Claudia, Office Manager, works from the parisian HQ of Pelico
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Meet our Extraordinary Pelicans

Pelicans are industry and tech experts excelling in their fields. Talented and passionate, they strive daily to empower factory teams with Pelico, the factory operations management platform they know and love. Get to know the Pelicans and discover how each of them contributes to our customers' successes.

Meet Xindi, Product Designer
Product Designer
Meet François, Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Meet Louis, Account Executive
Account Executive
Meet Mamoun, Co-founder and CPO
Meet Jessy, HR lead
HR Lead

What our Pelicans say

"I used to work as Customer Support in the steel industry, and was confronted on a daily basis to unproductive analysis just to figure out if I’ll be able to delivery my clients. I joined Pelico because I wanted to work for a company that has a true impact on reinforcing industrial operations. It’s rewarding to see how we empower and facilitate operational teams job !"

Thibaud J.

Sales Account Executive

"Working at Pelico is like joining the crossroad of impact, innovation, challenge & playfulness. Each Pelican has been chosen for its skills, personality & willingness to change the industry 4.0. It's a proud to wake up every morning to go to work!"

Jessy T.

HR Talent Manager

"I love working in a environment where my ideas are received in an open minded way and challenged at the same time by very assertive colleagues. It makes me always think further and it allows me to grow as an individual."

Candice E.

Founder's Associate

"I joined Pelico for 3 main reasons. The first one, I believe in the project and in my colleages. The second one, for the industrial challenges that we are solving. Finally because we are leading a complex algorithm at Pelico."

Cedric G.

AI lead

"What I love the most about working at Pelico is the multiculturality and diversity of the team, it is a very nourishing experience working with them!"

Valeria G.

Marketing intern

“We are revolutionizing how people work by digitizing industrial operations processes! For me, the most rewarding things about my job are helping our clients (from the operational users to the plant director) on a daily basis and working with talented people.”

Antoine O.

Customer Operations Manager

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Pelico's factory operations management platform empowers factory teams with the agility and resilience to quickly respond to any supply chain disruptions by having streamlined data-based collaboration.
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