Avoid disruptions, optimize inventory levels, and keep plans synchronized

Pelico is an easy to deploy factory operations management platform that provides Supply and Procurement Managers with the agility and resilience to reduce part shortages, avoid production disruptions, and optimize inventory levels.

A production controller anticipates disruptions and increases planning adherence thanks to Pelico

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Constant firefighting mode due to high level of volatility
Assessing material coverage of production planning & avoiding part shortages
Prioritization of supplier actions
Simulation of alternative delivery plans


Reduce parts shortages
Improve Supplier OTD
Quickly adapt to supply disruptions
Optimize inventory levels
Easily respond to production fluctuations

With Pelico, see results in 2 months

Part Shortages
Team Productivity
Inventory Level

DATA ALIGNMENT: Stop living in the parallel universe of spreadsheets

Stop spending valuable time manually collecting and analyzing parts coverage and supplier data from multiple sources. Pelico connects with your ERP, and other Carrier APIs (FedEx, UPS, etc.), to aggregate and surface data from all modules, and allows your teams to keep supply and production plans synchronized at all times.

Say goodbye to scattered data and firefighting

No more piecing together supplier and parts data from multiple sources. Pelico's Purchase Order Book gives supply teams a complete view of all your purchase orders' important data, in one single place.

Keep a pulse on your KPIs

Get a quick understanding on the health of your operations, with an at-a-glance view on key KPIs for each supplier, such as the monetary impact of delayed POs, and the percentage of committed ones.

Stay aligned with others

Efficiently collaborate with other supply or production team members directly from any purchase order, and stay updated on the latest decisions or modifications.

PCR cross-team collaboration
Aggregated KPIs by equipment
PCR cross-team collaboration

PREDICTIVE MONITORING: Quickly anticipate parts shortages

The sooner you identify a problem, the faster you can act to mitigate its impact. Pelico leverages the full power of data analytics, allowing teams to quickly anticipate parts shortages, and have all granular contextual information about them.

Easily visualize all bottlenecks

Pelico's Supply Planning view allows you to be two steps ahead by quickly identifying all current and future parts shortages, and their suppliers, in order of importance to your operations.

Effortlessly understand everything about a part

Easily understand how a part is connected to your production operations. Get an instant  view of all relevant events about a part, such as related work or purchase orders, and their status.

Quickly know how to address shortages

Pelico's built-in intelligence gives you actionable recommendations on the quickest and most impactful way to respond to a part shortage, such as stock transfer or quality inspection opportunities.

Multi-level line of balance
Part's related events in the PCR environment

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Act fast with the right mitigation strategy

Pelico's built-in intelligence helps supply teams easily understand the impact of parts shortages in order to prioritize which corrective actions should be addressed first.

Know which missing parts to address first, and how

Easily identify parts arriving late, or too early, and prioritize which ones you should respond to first. Quickly order additional parts to avoid shortages, or push-out orders to preserve cash and optimize inventory levels.

Don't waste time on next steps

Create an escalation ticket directly from a purchase order and collaborate with others to quickly put in place the corrective actions recommended by Pelico's intelligent algorithm.

Corrective actions
Work Order Escalation

CROSS-TEAM COLLABORATION: Streamline collaboration to avoid parts shortages

Having streamlined, cross-functional collaboration allows your supply teams to stay aligned and act fast.  With Pelico, get instant access to the latest information for all purchase orders, and easily escalate and take action on priority issues.

Ensure all escalated issues are addressed

Efficiently manage all tickets from Pelico's Escalation Room. Get an at-a-glance overview of their status, the team working on it, and other important data.

Speed up collaboration

Having instant access to all contextual information about a ticket, in one place, gives everyone the ability to act fast on next steps and not waste critical time.

Stay aligned with team members

Make sure everyone is on the same page by giving team members the ability to comment on tickets, as well as having access to the entire conversation.

PCR Escalation Room
PCR escalation ticket
PCR cross-team alignment

SIMULATION: Optimize your inventory levels with alternative supply scenarios

Empower your teams to continuously optimize supply operations. Pelico allows teams to simulate alternative procurement scenarios, and assess the global impact these will have on your KPIs and inventory levels.

Easily simulate alternative scenarios

Pelico helps your supply teams continuously optimize their inventory levels. Simulate multiple scenarios by selecting one or more purchase orders, and modifying their quantities and delivery dates.

Assess the impact and quickly decide on next steps

Immediately understand if a simulated scenario will be detrimental or beneficial to your supply operations and Supplier OTD, before you decide to execute it.

PCR Work Order Simulation
PCR simulation impact

What our customers are saying

“Thanks to Pelico, we reduced our parts shortages by 72% in 4 months.”
Sammy, Supply Chain Lead
Supply Chain Leader

Empower your factory team today

Pelico's factory operations management platform empowers factory teams with the agility and resilience to quickly respond to any supply chain disruptions by having streamlined data-based collaboration.
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