The Value of Factory Agility in the Supply Chain

Why do some factories manage to secure up to 10% of additional revenue by reducing their WIP —and why do others fail to do so?

The answer lies in the ability of some to demonstrate agility in the context of supply chain disruptions while others don't.

Thanks to exclusive data and handpicked industry insights, this guide will walk you through the benefits of agility and showcase how this approach can improve your factory’s performance.

What you will learn from this guide

Unveil the cost of disruptions in your supply chain

Discover how disruptions can chip away as much as 42% of annual EBITDA over a decade. Thanks to exclusive data sourced in dozens of plants, measure the value at stake.

Help your factory to secure revenue

Understand how industrial leaders increase their factories' performance through fast decision-making, an extended planning horizon, and streamlined collaboration across teams.

Understand the cost-savings enabled by Pelico

Factories using Pelico report savings amounting to +20% of their yearly revenue. Learn the underlying factors of these savings and their analysis.

Get a tailored analysis for your factory

What results could enhanced agility in your factory supply chain bring? Get your on-demand factory's analysis.

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Pelico’s operations management system empowers factory teams with the agility required to manage production blockers and deliver products on time, at cost.
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