The Guide to Resilient and Agile Factories

In this guide, Pelico's team condensed years of industry expertise and distilled the most effective strategies into a practical guide. It's your ticket to transforming your factory operations, boosting agility, and building the resilience needed to conquer challenges in the ever-changing environments.

What you will learn from this guide

7 key requirements for agile factory operations

Discover the crucial elements that separate agile factories from the rest, including access to real-time data, real-time monitoring of production blockers, assessment of planning feasibility, streamlined team collaboration......

3 factory operational strategies to secure revenue and cash

Ensure your factory remains financially resilient by anticipating production blockers with better insight into data, acting quickly to fix them and improving production plan.

7 common pitfalls to avoid in Industry 4.0 projects

Navigate the treacherous terrain of digital transformation by revealing the mistakes such as implementation of wrong governance structure, lack of change management, and slow pace at proof of concept level......

8 steps to digitize and improve factory operations

Learn essential steps to harness digital tools for optimal efficiency, from define operational goal and pick the right software to build a first use case and then build momentum and scale.

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Pelico’s operations management system empowers factory teams with the agility required to manage production blockers and deliver products on time, at cost.
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