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Your operational objectives

We won't drive right into a sales pitch. Our experts will start with questions to understand your process bottlenecks, data systems and KPIs.

What a succesful deployment looks like for your organization

Every plant is different. The beauty of Pelico is it adapts to your process, your ERP and your stakeholders.

How Pelico's features and pricing work

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With Pelico, teams can deal confidently with volatility in operations
Reduction on the operational costs

Due to avoided disruptions and fewer last-minute solutions

Increased profits

Due to better OTDs and informad answers to demand volatility

Resilient operations without the stress

Avoiding uninformed bets or compromises anymore

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Tech + Manufacturing operation expertise

State of the art Tech rooted in deep manufacturing operations knowledge

Short time-to-value

6-12 weeks

User focus

97% usage penetration rate

Data experts

Data expertise : Airflow pipelines orchestration complexity — X tables, ETL transformation steps

Short time-to-value

6-12 weeks

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operations today!

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Pelico acts as a smart digital companion for Supply chain teams. It empowers operational teams to: continuously monitor bottlenecks, act fast with AI-assisted recommendations and instant alternative scenarios simulation & streamlined collaboration between functions over a common view of information to resolve issues.